Since We've Been Gone...

Well, technically we haven't been gone but its been a while since you've heard from us. In November, TinyJXN got its first client! The process consisted of a design consultation in which she informed us of the features she wanted in her tiny home then we submitted our application for a zoning action to be on the City of Jackson's Planning Board March Agenda. When approved, our client will proceed with obtaining financing and then we'll break ground. 

In January, we presented a proposal to a local non-profit interested in a tiny home community for the homeless. They have investors interested in this concept and will provide funding based on our proposal. 

On April 23rd, we are scheduled to present our tiny home development ideas to the University Park Neighborhood Association Meeting. Wish us luck! 

Keep in touch with us via social media @tinyjxn on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for articles and cool photos of tiny homes. We'll see you there!