Startup Weekend Jackson 2016

TinyJXN started as a pitch to develop "Jackson's first tiny home community" during Startup Weekend Jackson 2016. As a result of winning 1st place, TinyJXN was formed in May 2016. Currently, we are working hard to compose a plan, develop partnerships, and secure financing for tiny home development in Jackson and around Mississippi. 

Akili Kelly is experienced in project construction management, architecture, and urban planning. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Southern University (Baton Rouge, LA), Master of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning from Jackson State University (Jackson, Mississippi), and is a licensed architect.

Ashlee Kelly has worked in environmental planning, economic and community development, and public policy. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Master of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning and is a PhD Candidate in Public Policy and Administration at Jackson State University. 

In November 2017, they welcomed their daughter Alex Kelly. She has been an awesome "tiny" new addition. 

Jaynae Young contributed to the pitch, presentation and designs that allowed us to win first place during Startup Weekend Jackson 2016 and remains a team member. 

Jaynae Young received a Bachelor of Architecture from Mississippi State University (Starkville, Mississippi) and has a Master of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning with an emphasis in Urban Design. Young has both work and taught in the areas of construction management, economic development, zoning and land use, historic preservation and architecture. 

Young has one puppy. 

To compliment and expound on our work experiences, we formed The Kelly Factory in September 2016. Services include architecture, urban design, real estate development, urban planning, grant writing, training and management, and program evaluation.